How to Practice Self Care as a Business Owner

If self care doesn't sound like something you need or have time for right now, then now is exactly the time you need some self care. As a business owner, saying that life is busy would be an understatement. You keep pushing yourself to meet the needs of your family, business and customers, paying little attention to your own needs. As for taking some downtime, that just doesn't happen.

What if we told you that taking some time away from your business to focus on yourself would actually benefit your mental and physical well-being, your family and your business? Self care is about doing things to take care of yourself, which helps to keep yourself mentally, emotionally and physically well. We've put together some self care ideas for business owners, along with some tips on how to include it within your busy schedule.

Self Care Ideas for Business Owners

Self care helps set yourself up for success and should be seen as a must-do task for every business owner. It doesn't mean spending hours at a day spa or buying expensive equipment though, as these ideas demonstrate.

Sleep is essential for helping your body perform and recover. While 8 hours is ideal, a minimum of 6 has shown to be beneficial for health and wellbeing.

Saying no ensures you put yourself first, don't overcommit and have lower stress levels. Delegating or outsourcing can help you to say no! 

Taking time to exercise daily or a few times per week can be as simple as going for a walk at lunchtime, climbing the stairs or doing a workout to a YouTube video.

Making healthy food choices is not only about the types of food and cooking methods you choose, but also about how much and how often you eat. 

Creating a healthy workspace is about making it appealing and comfortable to use, including following health and safety guidelines and ergonomic theories. 

Focusing on your hobbies gives you interests out of work, different people to talk with and enjoyable activities to take part in. 

Tips for Incorporating Self Care Into Your Day

No matter how busy you are, it's important to look after yourself. Committing to it can be tricky though, so why not try:

  • booking specific times into your calendar
  • focusing on your specific self care needs
  • only doing activities you enjoy
  • keeping activities simple, with minimal preparation needed
  • being flexible for whatever comes up, in both the activity and the time you can commit to it
  • committing yourself to undertaking your activity and saying no to others if necessary
  • focus on little and often, building your commitment levels up as you can
  • have a list of activities that you can pick from which require different time and resource requirements
  • ask for accountability from others who can check in and see if you have taken timeout

If you need further help and/or are unable to manage, view the resources available on the Ministry of Health's website. 

Posted: Wednesday 31 March 2021

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