What is TWD?

What is TWD?

If you are manufacturing or sourcing products to sell either via E-Commerce or direct to Retail you will know the costs associated with shipping, storage and distribution.

Perhaps you are working out of your home whilst starting out, or perhaps you have been around for a while and have rented or leased some warehouse space.  One of the challenges we often hear about is more storage space is required to accomodate growth (or perhaps you just really want it out of your house!).  The typical solution is to rent/lease more space - but with a squeeze on available space prices are continually rising and putting more pressure on your bottom-line, increased costs - reduced profits.  With TWD you pay only for the space and services you use, why pay for a building you may only be using a fraction of - or worse, your space is now too small and you are forced to rent or lease additional storage elsewhere?

Posted: Friday 11 May 2018

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