7 Websites for Finding Memes and GIFs

Looking for Memes and GIFs?

Finding memes and GIFs to post on our social media accounts seems like a never ending job. Aside from using ones you've seen others in your industry or from pages you follow personally, it is incredibly time consuming and darn right frustrating looking for ones to use.

Using memes and GIF images has become a popular way of engaging with your social media audience. We've put together a list of seven websites to make your search for GIFs and memes much easier.

7 Websites for Great Memes & GIFs

Are you ready to make meme and GIF image hunting a thing of the past? Awesome, because here are seven websites which have everything you need in one place:

  1. Giphy - the most famous of them all, Giphy has organised it's content by date, reactions, entertainment, sports, stickers and artists. You can also use their search box to look for specific content too.
  2. Reaction GIFs - a clear and easy to use list of images to look through, as well as a great inbuilt search function.
  3. Make a GIF - if you want to make your own GIF, then this is the site for you. It has both a free and a paid option.
  4. Imgur - if you've got hours to devote, or simply want to browse, this is the meme website for you! There are thousands of options here!
  5. Kapwing - a meme generator as well as a place to find existing GIFs, videos and memes, this site is well worth a look.
  6. Quick Meme - needing a meme in a hurry? Quick Meme is the website to find it.
  7. Tenor - a lovely website with a great search box feature to help you find all the GIFs you've ever wanted 

We hope you have as much fun looking at these seven websites as we did!

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Posted: Monday 7 October 2019

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