What is a Business Directory?

What is a Business Directory?

A quick search with Google for the phrase 'business directory' will bring you up hundreds of results. What they fail to do though, is answer the question 'what is a business directory?' So we will!

What is a Business Directory?

A business directory is an online index of businesses, a bit like the Yellow Pages. Today when we talk about business directories, we're mostly meaning those online. Yes, some are still printed, but these are mostly local directories given to households. In terms of what we consider a directory and are discussing today though, it's online.

A business directory can be an open free for all, industry or country specific. They can also be human edited, in which case all listings need to be individually approved. Or they can be set up to automatically add new listings when a business submits their details. A human edited online directory is much more highly prized, so aim to list only in these.

One of the many benefits an online directory can provide is a backlink to your website as this can benefit your website's SEO ranking. Your business can also be found by people using the directory and where a link to your business' listing in the directory appears in search engine results.

You will find that the directory's published listings are put into categories to make it easy for users to find the business they are looking for. As for what categories are used, this can vary, but generally you'll see listings under industry type, location, size and products or services provided. A good directory will also give each published business listing an enquiry form which sends an email directly to the listed business' email address! 

What Information Does an Online Directory Contain?

Each online directory is different, so the details you can share on your business will differ depending on the purpose of the directory. In general though, you'll find the following information:

  • business name
  • contact details - phone, email, address
  • website URL
  • location
  • social media links
  • a blurb about the business
  • products or services provided
  • images - logo, owner, premises, products etc

Why Should I Add My Business to an NZ Business Directory?

So you're wondering if the 10 minutes spent adding your business' details to the directory is worth it? Yes, it is! Here are some of the reasons why:

  • builds your online presence
  • increases your chances of being found in local searches
  • improved brand awareness
  • increased SEO with a great backlink to your website
  • be found in Google searches more often

Our online business directory is only for New Zealand businesses, offers a free listing and a great SEO backlink! Add your business information and list your business in our directory for free today!

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Posted: Thursday 26 July 2018

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