What Makes Up A Great Business Logo?

What Does a Great Business Logo Have?

Characteristics of Successful Business Logos

A business logo is a branding tool used to promote awareness and loyalty of your brand. It is highly recommended that you use the services of a professional graphic designer for the creation of your logo. Before you hire a graphic designer, or design your own logo, it's important that you understand what it is that makes a logo successful:

  • Unique - your logo must be one of a kind, because that's what your business is.
  • Great use of colours - the colours you use share messages or colour psychology with your audience.
  • Simple - a logo should be easily recognisable as belonging to your brand, making simplicity an advantage.
  • Scalable - your logo needs to work in a range of sizes and still look good.
  • Versatile - a logo will be seen everywhere, not just on business cards or a website. This means it needs to be able to be used successfully on different mediums. 

Logo Advice from Graphic Designers

We asked graphic designers in our free Facebook networking group if they'd be willing to share their thoughts on what makes up a great logo. 

Simple is key. Whilst it maybe on trend to have watercolours / lots of details.. a smart logo is timeless and one that will be easy to identify when it’s blown up big, or really teeny tiny.It should look great if it’s only able to be done in black and white, so should ideally be made up of two to three colours max. It also needs to work on light or dark backgrounds.Your logo should be designed as a vector file so you don’t loose quality when enlarging. And an obvious one - it’s the face of your brand, so at a glance should be obvious as to what you do!
There are many advantages to having a number of different logo versions which all retain the same shape feel and theme of your “master logo”. This creates a visual image that you can not only use and adapt over a number of different platforms and mediums but it also quickly becomes a logo that is distinct and therefore can be trademarked and protected.

Hiring a Graphic Designer

When hiring a graphic designer, ask to see examples of logos they have designed. Talk with their past clients, ask for references, and discuss your vision with them. Word of mouth is useful in choosing a designer too.

We have some fabulous graphic designers listed in our business directory - come and check them out!

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Posted: Friday 20 September 2019

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