Why Mothers Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Why Mothers Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Mothers are amazing. They care for their kids, manage the household and run incredibly successful businesses. Is there some secret to their success? No - it's called being a Mum! Website World has been running a series on Mums' in Business and found a common theme throughout; Mothers make the best entrepreneurs! Today we're sharing with you the reasons why behind a successful NZ business, you're most likely to find a Mum.

Why Do NZ Mums Make Great Entrepreneurs?

It turns out that starting up a business requires similar skills to being a Mum. You need to prioritise, delegate, let small things slide and keep your eye on the prize. Let's look into those and a few more characteristics of great Mum entrepreneurs:

  • Focusing on what's important - Mums know not to sweat the small stuff. Not everything will go to plan, but you stay focused on the big picture and work through the minor road bumps.
  • Working under pressure - being a Mum is a full-time job. So is being a business owner. The ability to meet the demands from both is something great Mum entrepreneurs learn and then master.
  • Prioritising - knowing what needs urgent attention and what can wait till later is another important Mum entrepreneur skill. To do lists are incredibly useful to help you at doing this.
  • Being an all-rounder - a mother puts her hand to anything her kids throw at her. It's the same with being a business owner. Marketing, social media and product creation are just some of the skills she masters when starting up her business.
  • Managing on a budget - many stay at home Mums are managing on one income, which is why they start up their own business. Usually, this happens on a shoestring budget, where she'll prioritise her purchases according to importance.
  • Passionate - an entrepreneurial mother knows what she wants and believes it is the best solution. Her passion for her product or service overrides any negativity or road bumps she may meet on the way to success.
  • Having a purpose - mother knows best just isn't a saying - it's the truth! An entrepreneurial Mum knows what she wants and will keep working towards achieving it.

Then of course there's the good old kiwi ingenuity, the number 8 wire mentality. NZ Mums are great at identifying problems and creating solutions to solve the problem, which is one of the key ways of starting a successful business!

New Zealand Mums in Business

There's nothing quite like social proof to decide for yourself how successful a business is. So, take a read of these interviews with some of our country's top entrepreneurial Mums!

Posted: Friday 27 July 2018

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