• Natural Pet make homeopathic and herbal remedies for animals.
  • Aquarium and pet products at fantastic prices.
  • Boutique breeding stud for high quality purebred Icelandic gaited horses. Selling high quality specialised gear for Icelandic horses and their riders. Coaching specifically for Icelandic horses, based on classic riding principles and Ride Like a Viking horsemanship for the good of the horse's well being, available throughout New Zealand
  • The love and passion we developed for this breed drove us to look at how we could help ensure that the breed remains healthy and also fit for function. Part of this journey is knowing the breeds traits and qualities as well as the pedigrees of our and other whippet breeders breeding programmes. Benbridge are proud to have produced top winning Whippets in New Zealand and Australia as well as having been awarded the top Whippet Breeder in New Zealand. Our priority is to provide healthy, happy and outgoing Whippets to loving forever homes.
  • All holistic animal grooming, Animal training and behaviour modification.50yrs experience grooming all breeds of cats and dogs - pet and show clips
  • Shop For Stylish Crate Surround,Dog Bed, Pet Ramp & More
  • Brookby Herbs offers natural & organic herbal healthcare products for pets, available across NZ. Check out our website today to learn more.
  • For busy people who want no fuss but the very, very best for their pets.
  • Manufactures and sells biodegradeable and flushable pet litter from a factory in Taradale
  • Eco Poop Bags are made with 100% compostable material with anti-microbial additive to our bags, for more hygienic picking of your dogs poop.
  • FishTank NZ is the world's first comprehensive & dedicated classifieds platform for fish pet hobbyists and enthusiasts.
  • Created by passionate pet owners and professionals, Furmail is a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated pet health care business dedicated to providing high-quality, vet-approved worm and flea treatments for cats and dogs nationwide.
  • Hector Hound specialises in gun dog training equipment as well as high quality pet accessories.
  • Put your best paw forward with OLLIE & JAMES designer dog accessories.
  • Paws Family Ltd is selling Cats & Dogs lovers print-on-demand items with Kiwi Slang and other themes in print-on-demand.

    Sylvie found that speaking Kiwi Slang is sweet as; it is an expression of unique identity, it is part of the New Zealander Culture both historical and contemporary, and should not disappear.

    PawsFamily wants to contribute to saving this "Lingo Heritage" then Kiwi Slang is a "unique way" of sayings and catchphrases that have been passed down from generation to generation and make little to no sense to anyone who isn't or was nether from/in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

    The usage of Kiwi Slang is not considered offensive; rather it is generally viewed as a symbol of pride and endearment for the people of New Zealand so visitors beware!

    Whether you're an abroad Kiwi, or a New Zealand Newbie trying to figure out "what the heck everyone is talking about", we've created a pet lovers' collection of some of the sayings you should know. (this is our point of difference).

    But remember this, if you plan on coming to New Zealand you'd do well to explore the NZ Slang saying and Catch Phrases to be up to date!

    And if you have already such a T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoody, or Mug. Postcard, Towel with you, the Kiwi will think that you're the coolest person alive!

    Show your love to New Zealand, Aotearoa The Land of The Long White Cloud, Plan your Trip Today and Order Now!

    We sell in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany

    If you have a special Idea or need we can chat about your wish and see if we can print this for you,

    Contact us!

  • Pet Naturals is your NZ provider of the world’s best pet food and accessories. View our website today to learn more.
  • Scatch Pad Cattery offers the best cattery in Greater Wellington, with tailored spaces for your cat and friendly staff. Check out our website now to learn more.
  • Sweet As Pup is an online store for dog treats, accessories, and gifts based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Our whole food supplements are created so dog parents can improve their dog's health and well-being by enhancing their diet. Our dog supplements are suitable for all types of dog food, from fresh feeders and dry kibble to raw dog food or a mix of all; we know you are focusing on the best dog food for your dog.
  • Worried, frustrated, or confused about what's going on with your horse? Give him a voice and get answers to all your burning questions with a Horse Communication & Healing session. In this animal communication session I'll also check him out physically and do a range of energetic balancing and healing.
  • smith&burton is a luxurious, New Zealand made health, beauty and wellness canine grooming tools range. Grounded in nature, supported through science, driven by innovation and inspired by the love of dogs. We harness the power of botanical science to create clean, gentle, luxurious products that are naturally effective. Delicately fragranced with our natural signature scents. Leaving the coat smelling fresh, clean with lustre and shine. Love. Luxe. Lustre.

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