Spring Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

It's time to dust away the cobwebs, enjoy the warmer weather and get your business noticed with our awesome spring marketing ideas! Following on from the success of our winter marketing ideas, we've created a list of NZ's top marketing ideas to help welcome this gorgeous season.

Best Spring Marketing Ideas for Kiwi Businesses

Spring is a perfect time to try out new ideas and shake off the old. Here is a collection of the best spring marketing ideas for New Zealand businesses:

  • Have a spring clean - now is a good time to review your product or service offerings, removing those which are no longer suitable and adding their replacements.  Hold a spring sale and discount these products to reduce your inventory.
  • Spring countdown - the 1st September marks the first day of spring, so in the month or weeks beforehand, host a spring countdown activity. This could be via a newsletter, app or social media, and feature a collection of tips, discounts, contests or products that would be of interest to your audience.
  • Do an environmental activity - let your audience know that you are doing a beach clean up, graffitti removal, playground tidy up or any other community based environmental activity. Encourage them to join you or participate in another activity local to them. Share lots of photos of your business and your audience in action. 
  • Share less popular social media 'holidays' - whether it is international chocolate day or hammock day, add some interest to your social media posts by acknowledging and then linking in some way to your business or something you have done.
  • Spring-ify your photos - add some spring charm to your photos and graphics using a photo editing tool such as Canva. Or take and share spring themed photos related to your business and those which your audience will be attracted to. 
  • Promote a spring product or service - see if you can identify a spring related theme amongst any of your products or services. An easy example would be a cleaning products store promoting a spring cleaning product bundle. 
  • Change your calls to action - your calls to action may or may not be seasonal, but it is worth giving it a try. It could be as simple as changing a word - 'buy now' to 'shop now,' or a unique spring themed CTA such as 'Get ready for the warmer months.'
  • Use spring hashtags - hashtags are incredibly searchable and help to group your social media posts into topics. Popular spring hashtags include #spring #nature #flowers #love #photography #naturephotography #photooftheday  #beautiful#flower #springtime  #sun #garden #picoftheday #photo #travel #landscape 
  • Create a spring email sequence - send a series of automated emails to your subscribers with a spring theme. Start with providing engaging and useful content rather than a sales push, which is best suited to later in the sequence. 

Refresh Your Website This Spring

Spring is also the ideal time to give your website a refresh. Update your website banners, tweak colours, add new product photos, change your headings and add new written content. We can direct you to exactly where you can find all the information you will need to update your website:

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Posted: Friday 21 July 2023

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