Using Pinterest to Boost Your Christmas Sales

In the lead up to Christmas, it's time to get your marketing plans sorted. This year, don't forget about Pinterest, as it too can help boost your Christmas sale volumes! 

Why use Pinterest for your business' Christmas marketing? Well, it helps you to:

  • spot emerging trends
  • increase website traffic
  • increase your brand authority
  • convert more browsers into buyers
  • grow your reach
  • gets you inbound links
  • identify what your audience loves
  • achieve high engagement levels with your audience

In particular around the holidays, Pinterest is being used by your audience to find gifts to buy and ideas to try out. Wouldn't you like the pins they see and choose to be from your business?

As well as listing the five steps in creating a Christmas marketing plan for Pinterest, we've also got details on how to make the best Christmas Pinterest boards and pins!

Making Your Pinterest Christmas Marketing Plan

Like all other marketing plans, preparation is key. Pinterest users start searching for Christmas themed content around the end of September, so having your boards and pins available by then gives you a head start. However, today is a great day to start too, by following these five steps to plan your Christmas marketing on Pinterest:

1. Know your target audience

Revisit your understandings of who your target audience are. Knowing their gender, age, location, hobbies, likes, dislikes, family, employment, and income helps you to not only create your marketing plan, but also identify the products they will be interested in and the best ways to get their attention. 

2. Set up your conversion measurement tools

It is important that you are able to see if your plan is working. There are a few ways you can measure conversions and visits to your website. Pinterest has a few tools available for you to use in their Pinterest statistics: Pin stats, Pinterest Analytics and Ads Manager, plus the Pinterest tag. You can also use Google Analytics to follow the path visitors to your website from Pinterest took.  

3. Narrow your Christmas marketing focus

Having a specific focus is a better marketing strategy than trying to spread yourself thinly over everything. It also helps you create content which fits best with your target audience. Which products, articles, services and calls to action will you be promoting? 

4. Identify what your audience will look for

Pinterest is a search engine, so your audience will be using it similar to how they use Google. They'll be entering phrases that help them to find the specific content they are looking for. Examples of search starters include:

  • how to make...
  • how to find...
  • where to find...
  • best...
  • how to store...
  • ideas for...
  • Christmas party..
  • Christmas decorations...
  • Christmas ideas...
  • Christmas recipes...
  • Online Christmas shopping...

5. Create content to answer your audience's questions

Start making a list of the types of blog articles, lead magnets, boards and pins you will need to make. Then break this down further and create titles and keywords for each piece of content, along with a timeline of dates to create, post and promote each piece. 

How to Make the Best Christmas Pinterest Boards

A Pinterest board is like a digital filing cabinet where you can save, collect and organise pins. Unless you make it private, Pinterest users can find and browse through it, pinning the content that they find interesting and useful. Users can also choose to follow individual boards, rather than your entire account. 

Your board could be a general board, such as Christmas Decorations, or a specific board like Red Christmas Decorations. The decision about which one you use is likely to be made upon the volume of relevant pins that can be added to the board. 

To set up a new board, you will need to:

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account. If you have not yet set one up, take a read of the article Beginner's Guide to Using Pinterest for Business
  2. Click on your profile picture, which is located on the top right hand side of the page.
  3. Click on the word 'Saved' which is found in the middle of the screen. This will make the + sign visible on the right hand side of the middle of the screen
  4. Click on the + sign and then select 'Board'
  5. Enter a name for the board and if required, tick the box to keep this board secret.
  6. Click the create button

When naming your board, be sure to keep SEO in mind. Identifying and then using the best keyword phrases will help people to find your boards both in Pinterest and through Google searches. You can use the Pinterest search bar to find existing board names and possible search phrases that will be auto populated as search suggestions. 

Next you will need to add a description for your board. This should also contain your keywords as well as detailed information on what the board is focused upon, what the user will find on the board and be written in sentences, not bullet points. 

Keep in mind that the characteristics of a successful Pinterest board are:

  • New content is added frequently
  • Pins are brightly coloured and appealing
  • Pins are on brand with your business
  • Pins are arranged appropriately
  • Both board and pins have suitable descriptions containing relevant keywords
  • Pins have a common colour theme and style
  • Board content reflects the name, description and images
  • Avoid over use of your logo and advertisements

For a Christmas themed Pinterest board, the most popular and searched for Christmas keywords are Christmas crafts, Christmas gifts, Christmas decor, Christmas decorations DIY, Christmas decorations, Christmas cookies, Christmas drinks, Christmas party and Christmas food. 

Tips to Make Outstanding Christmas Pinterest Pins

Once your board is set up, next you'll need to start making your Christmas pins. Pinterest has three different types of pins you can create:

  • Standard pins 
Standard pins are vertical images with an aspect ration of 2:3, such as 1000x1500 pixels. Make your image the focal point, but include your logo in a subtle area, avoiding the lower right corner as this gets covered up by Pinterest sometimes. Add text over your image.

  • Video pins

Video pins are short videos, with a length of 15 seconds to one minute for organic content, or between 6-15 seconds if they are paid ads. Focus on text overlay or captions, not audio as users rarely listen to the sound. 

  • Idea pins

Idea pins are like Stories, providing a way for you to share video, text and images using up to 20 pages. They are based around a great idea, with six formats being the most effective: instructional, comparison, quick tip, storyteller, showcase and conversation.

For your standard Christmas pins, you should be using all three types.  The best place to find up to date information about sizing and character usage is Pinterest itself, as they do change things occasionally. Keep in mind as you are creating your pins, that Pinterest is the ultimate wish list, and people save pins that they like and want. Our top tips on creating amazing pins are:

  • pin topics that are popular. The Pinterest Trends tool can help you find what people are currently looking for. This doesn't mean you can't pin Christmas themed pins in August, as just like Google, it will take time for it to be found and indexed.
  • always use a 2:3 aspect ratio. Anything larger will get cut off.
  • place your product or service image front and centre, including your logo in a subtle way.
  • keep your overlay text short, sweet and relevant.  Make it clear and east to read, on high-contrast backgrounds.
  • it's all about SEO here, so use keywords in your description and titles.
  • use high quality images. Crisp, clear, bright and colourful are words to remember.
  • include a link to your website which is relevant to the pin. There's nothing that annoys users more than an image which doesn't deliver what it says it will.
  • write accurate and interesting pin descriptions. Your title and description are used to help Pinterest if your pin is relevant to a users search and if they will display it in their search results. 
  • hashtags are not needed, so don't use them.

There are a few tools you can use to create your pins, with Canva being one of the most popular. Canva has both a paid and free version available, along with many Pinterest pin templates you can edit and use. We even have a step by step guide on how to use Canva to create social media posts you can read. Remember that being active on Pinterest is crucial, and that means following other businesses and commenting on their pins too. Why not get started by taking a look at the pins from Website World!

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Posted: Friday 30 September 2022

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