Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Retailers all over New Zealand are in the build up to the 14 February, Valentine's Day. Another American tradition that has become popular here, Valentine's Day has been promoted as a day of love, a time to make grand gestures to your partner with flowers and chocolates. But what if you don't sell flowers or chocolates? Can you still promote your products as Valentine's Day gifts? Yes, you can with some clever marketing ideas.

Valentine's Day Promotion Ideas for Kiwi Businesses

Here's our list of Valentine's Day marketing ideas for your business to try this year:

  1. Targeted email - you could either send an email to everyone one your subscription list, or just to certain people. This is where it works well if you have a lot of data on your subscribers and have grouped them specifically into characteristics. Bulk emails do work, especially if you have spent the time and effort on not only growing subscriber numbers, but also on their engagement levels. 
  2. Drive urgency - order now before it's too late! Urgency marketing works on the fear of missing out. Encourage your customers to get in early to ensure their Valentine's Day gift arrives on time to give to their loved one. 
  3. Promote self love - you don't need to have a partner to celebrate Valentine's Day. Promote self care as a way of showing love to one's self, such as buying a new dress to wear because it makes you feel good when wearing it.
  4. Create a gift guide - an oldie but a goodie. A gift guide is basically a list with photos of products that are recommended for specific occasions. These have the bonus of making it easier and quicker for someone to choose what to buy. 
  5. Host an event - this doesn't need to be a free event, tickets can be charged for it. Examples are a cocktail party, or dinner and dance (great if you are a dance instructor!), lingerie party or fashion show.
  6. Themed bundles with existing products - group together products that work well together, such as shampoo and conditioner, and promote them as a being a great gift idea. If you can make it easy for someone to choose and buy a gift, that's what you should do.
  7. Exclusive limited edition product ranges - have a collection of products that are only available to purchase within January and February. This encourages a sense of urgency as well as fear of missing out.
  8. Free shipping - an oldie but a goodie, free shipping is often enough to get the purchase made, or in the case of a specific limit before free shipping is given, extra products purchased. 
  9. Free gift with purchase or set order amount - everyone loves something free! A free gift could be in compliment to the purchase, something Valentine's Day related or something specifically for the buyer. If you set an amount for orders before the free gift is given, you are likely to increase sales as people up their order to get it. Make sure though that it is one they feel has value for them or their recipient. 
  10. Percentage of proceeds to charity - promoting that a set percentage of every sale goes to a chosen charity is a great way to make buyers feel good about purchasing from your business. It also shows that your business is not just for profit, but you are genuinely interested in giving back to your community.
  11. Discount coupon - everyone loves a discount, and while this is not anything new, it does work at helping to increase sales volumes.
  12. Storytelling - weave a story to share with your audience. This could be your own Valentine's Day experiences, your dream experience, and encourage your audience to share theirs with you too. 

For more marketing ideas, make sure you check out our growing collection of marketing articles! And as always, if you haven't yet got a website, make today the day you start a new one. Or if you would like a better website, see how easy we make moving your site from another provider to us

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Posted: Friday 12 January 2024

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