30 Brilliant Christmas Quotes for Social Media Posts

Christmas Social Media Quotes

Needing some cute, snappy or funny Christmas quotes to share on your business social media posts over the silly season? We've done some research and put together this list of 30 just for you! Turn them into graphics, add them to videos or simply share as text to engage your audience over the lead up to Christmas.

  1. Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas each day - Helen Steiner Rice
  2. Family is the greatest Christmas gift.
  3. Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection - Winston Churchill
  4. Brace your elves; Christmas is coming!
  5. It's not what's under the Christmas tree that matters, it's who's around it - Charles M. Schulz
  6. Twice the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse - Clement Clarke Moore
  7. It's like he WANTS a stocking full of coal.
  8. Sometimes I think Christmas should be called 'Festival of Carbs'
  9. He sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows if you’re awake … he knows if you’ve been snooping in the closet for gifts, so hands off!
  10. Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone - Charles M. Schulz
  11. One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly - Andy Rooney
  12. Dear Santa...I can explain
  13. Dear Santa...define nice
  14. Most parents: Don't forget to leave out milk and cookies! Me, an intellectual: Santa told Mommy he wants wine this year.
  15. That's a wrap! No, seriously—I finally finished wrapping the gifts.
  16. My favorite color is Christmas lights.
  17. But wait—there's myrrh.
  18. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal -  Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
  19. There's snow place like home
  20. All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies
  21. Petition to celebrate Christmas year-round. Sign below!
  22. All I want for Christmas is food
  23. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. But if the white runs out, I'll drink the red
  24. I'm only a morning person on December 25th
  25. I hope Rudolph eats the naughty list
  26. When someone asks ‘where is your Christmas spirit?’ is it wrong to point to the liquor cabinet?
  27. Sleigh my name, sleigh my name
  28. Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…maybe Christmas means a little bit more - The Grinch
  29. Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year. Most of the time. Once in a while. Nevermind, I’ll buy my own stuff
  30. Let’s take an elfie

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Posted: Friday 1 November 2019

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