How to Grow Your Facebook Group

Ready to Grow Your Facebook Group?

Many businesses large and small are using Facebook groups as a tool to market their businesses. Today we explain the benefits of having a business Facebook group, plus ways you can increase membership numbers and engagement levels.

Benefits of Building Your Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a private or public group set up by an individual or business within Facebook. Usually there is a business page associated with the group, and the group focuses on information related to that business' industry. You can take a look at the Facebook group we operate; Business Networking NZ.

Running a business Facebook group which has high membership numbers and an engaged audience can help your business:

  • promote your brand at low cost
  • engage at a personal level with your audience
  • partake in personal conversations with individual customers
  • receive useful feedback
  • gather information on which products/services and content your audience responds best to

As with all Facebook posts, algorithms can play a role. It is believed that group posts are seen more often than page posts, which results in higher levels of engagement and visibility. But there are also things you can do to grow your Facebook group and we're covering those next. 

Tips On Growing Your Facebook Group

It makes sense that you focus on ways to grow the number of members and their engagement within that group, as groups such as these are a useful marketing strategy. We've done some research and made a list of things which can help you achieve both of these things:

  • Set clear expectations for members - lay out what the rules are regarding posts, the purpose of the group and the types of content that you expect will be shared within the group.
  • Moderate your group - this means deleting posts which break the rules, removing troublesome group members and referring when required on posts.
  • Encourage discussions - let members make their own posts about issues within your industry. Allow other members to step in and offer advice, as well as making comments yourself.
  • Promote your group - as well as through your business Facebook page, promote your group on other social media platforms too. You may even wish to use paid advertising if you are not prepared to take the organic growth approach.
  • Run polls - polls seem to be highly effective ways to grow member engagement. Ask a question, then have members respond.
  • Offer exclusive content - if your group lets people get something there that they can't get elsewhere, they'll join to avoid missing out on it.
  • Build a sense of community - work on developing relationships within your group by regular posting and commenting.
  • Experiment with different post types - discover which posts your audience responds best to. Live and recorded videos, polls, posts and memes are just some of your options.
  • Have good admins and moderators - these are the backbone of your group, helping to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Research the group for topics - what seem to be the pain points for group members? What topics are they continually posting about? These could offer ideas for future posts.

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Posted: Tuesday 3 March 2020

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